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Adeline Bagasao
Vital statistics
Name Adeline Bagasao
Aliases Aqua
Physical description
Gender female
Eye color blue
Abilities Water Manipulation
Relatives Margaret Easton (mother)
Further info
First appearance "TBA"
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Adeline Bagasao is a nineteen-year-old EVO made completely out of water. Becuase of this, she can't hold her form solidly most of the time and has a very hard time controlling her abilities.



Adeline lived with her mother in DC prior to her EVO transformation. She was turned EVO by Van Kleiss, and not cured in time. She was a member of the Pack for a very, VERY short while, (Van Kleiss was able to gain slight control of her when he made her turn EVO) and they left her behind on a mission. Adeline is made completely out of water, so she wasn’t able to hold herself together when she got knocked into a nearby river on a mission. The rest of The Pack left, thinking she’d died. Now, she travels around the world, hoping to find a cure for her condition.


Adeline is a very passive person. She's shy and fearful when it comes to other people and is afraid to speak her mind. When talking to others, she's polite, refusing to say anything against them.


Before going EVO, Adeline had tanned skin, light brown hair, and dark brown eyes, being half Filipino and half White.

Now, she has very light blue eyes and a body that is composed entirely of water (or ice, given the time)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

E.V.O. Powers

  • Water Manipulation- Being made completely out of water, Adeline can use the water nearby of from her body to direct it at others in any way she pleases. However, she has very little control over this, so when she tries to do it, she often loses control over her body
  • Ice Formation- Adeline can briefly form an armor of ice around herself, but it only lasts for a few seconds at most.