Black Dragons Society (BDS)
Leader(s) Falcrowe
Notable members Hikari Primus
Xul Wang
Axel Bronx
Luthor Bronx
Headquarters The Nest (current)
Location Hawaii
Purpose Training assassins
Research in E.V.Os
Protect the innocent
Range of operation Worldwide

The Black Dragons Society is a secret underground group that operates worldwide and is legendary for their deadliest assassins.



The BDS originated from China, hence the name Black Dragon, that dates back from the Chin Dynasty. The society operates freely and in silence.

The founder of the BDS is a martial arts master named Zuizhong Hu.


The BDS became a worldwide operation when WWII started. They concentrated more in protecting the innocent. They  became a humanity group during that time and resumed their normal duties after the war ended. 

Operating SystemEdit

The Black Dragons Society uses a type of 'grouping' system by dividing each of their members into "clans" of five composing of three assassins, a weapons specialist and a medical assistant.

Known ClansEdit

  • Clan 315
  • Clan 697
  • To be added...

Notable MemebersEdit


  • Falcrowe


Scientists and ResearchersEdit

  • Dr. Xul Wang - Main researcher (315)
  • Hype - Scientist and medical assistant (315)
  • Professor Aqyl - Main scientist and field researcher (697)
  • To be added


  • Buster Wolf 
  • Lepcis Magna
  • Nara Ulaid
  • Clawes
  • To be added


  • White Knight - Currently in charge of Providence
  • Rex Salazar
  • Agent Six - Providence`s top agent and Hikari`s adoptive uncle
  • Dr. Holiday - Providence`s researcher
  • Fernendez Primus - Hikari`s father
  • Caesar Salazar
  • The Six - Former rivals
  • Bobo Haha


  • Black Knight
  • The Consortium


  • The Nest - Headquarters (Hawaii)
  • BDS Main Research Center (England)
  • BDS Retreat (Seychelles)
  • BDS Testing Facility (Nevada Desert and Iceland)
  • BDS Marine Base (Scotland)
  • BDS Training Facility (Worldwide)
  • BDS Backup Headquarters (Malaysia)
  • BDS Recovery Center (Africa, France, Dubai, Oman)
  • BDS Tech Support (Japan, China, Russia, America)


  • All BDS members are given a name and a tattoo of the society`s logo on their right arm.
  • When Black Knight took over Providence, the BDS became allies with White Knight and helped to stop the Consortium.
  • Most assassins are given a pet to aid them in their mission and to be their loyal companion.
  • Each member of the society are given adoptive families from around the world that is part of the BDS since most of the members are either and orphan or that they ran away from their real family. This so that they can feel what its like to be in a family (orphans) and to feel the careness of one (ran away from home)
  • Hikari ` s adoptive family is in London.
  • Axel and Luthor`s adoptive family is in Ibeza
  • Zul`s adoptive family is in Pusan
  • Almost all of the members are picked up from the streets or orphanage. Some of them were won in a bet or was willingly to join.
  • Hikari is the only female assassin in the society.
  • Each member is supposed to take part in a right of passage in order to be initiated into the society.
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