Vital statistics
Name Clinton
Species Human E.V.O.
Affiliation(s) Gangs
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Red
Abilities Enhanced conditions
Weapons Swords
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Clinton is a merciless E.V.O. and gang lord. He is incredibly dangerous and firmly believes that humans don't deserve any respect.

History Edit

Nothing much is known about Clinton's life except that he was merely abandoned as a child. His parents both died in a car accident and ever since he went E.V.O people feared him.

Personality Edit

Clinton is a cruel young man that shows no pity. He believes that E.V.O.s deserve to be treated differently and whomever isn't on his side deserves to be six feet under.

Physical appearance Edit

Clinton is a tall, lean man of average height. The right half of his body is white while the left half is black. He has a very sleek black tail. He has clawed feet and hands that appear very similar to a humans. He wears a brown raggedy trench coat wearing an old brown vest and pants underneath.

Powers and abilities Edit

Clinton possesses enhanced conditioning and above average strength.

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