"Dawn of Life"
Genres Adventure/Romance
Creator(s) BldySrw88
Chapters 6 (currently)
Original run ongoing
Writer(s) BldySrw88
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Dawn of Life is a mini-series of Generator Rex. It is a slightly different alternate timeline which takes place sometime during the first season of the original series.

It will mainly involve a young female teenager trying to control her E.V.O. abilities and learn more about her past childhood memories and experiences.


Rex Salazar meets a girl named Hunter Stone, an elemental E.V.O. who shares similar connections to him and the Nanite Event. A rare and unique Nanite has been spotted, leading both Providence and the Pack to go out searching for it. Seeking to find out more about their past, Rex must help Hunter master her elemental powers as well as protect her from falling into the hands of Van Kleiss. Little do they know about the unknown Nanite and its unique bond with Hunter and her abilities.


Main CharactersEdit

  • Rex Salazar - a young 16 year old amnesiac E.V.O. with the ability to control his Nanites and grow machines out of his body at will. He is employed as a secret weapon to Providence. Rex's primary objective is to keep Hunter safe from Van Kleiss.
  • Hunter Stone - a 16 year old female E.V.O. with the ability of elemental shapeshifting. Like Rex, she is amnesiac and can control her Nanites at will. Hunter transferred from Lykota to Providence in order to fully master her powers.
  • Van Kleiss  - is leader of the Pack and ruler of Abysus. He is an E.V.O. with unstable Nanites. His current objective (in the story) is to get a rare and unique Nanite that has the possible ability of sustaining his life.
  • Agent Six - a Providence agent and Rex's handler.
  • Rebecca Holiday - Providence's chief research officer.
  • Bobo Haha - Rex's friend and 'sidekick'.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Vincent and Lawrence - head scientists of the Lykotan Research Center and Hunter's handlers.
  • Blaze - -v-- an 18 year old incurable E.V.O. that shares past connections with Hunter.
  • Allyson Davis - a female E.V.O. with the ability of animal mimicry. She is an escaped Lykotan E.V.O., a current member of the Pack, and Hunter's former partner.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Breach - a member of the Pack.
  • Skalamander - a member of the Pack.
  • Biowulf - a second-in-command member of the Pack and Van Kleiss's loyal henchmen.

Chapters Edit

  1. "The Beginning"
  2. "Start of a New Life"
  3. "Hidden Secrets"
  4. "Dark Past"
  5. "Forbidden Love"
  6. "Forgotten Memories"
  7. "Return of Old Rivals"
  8. TBA
  9. TBA

More chapters to be added...


  • Use to be named "Dawn of a New Empire"
  • Currently working on writing new chapters
  • Help would REALLY be appreciated
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