Deadly Dragon Gang
Unnamed Deadly Dragon Gang
Leader(s) Ren Johnson
Notable members Austin Walker
Abigail Redstone
Mike Francis
Jake Hyde
Lucas Natt
Headquarters Deadly Dragon Gang Lair
Purpose Stop the New Providence (currently)

Deadly Dragon Gang is a delinquent gang formed and currently led by Ren Johnson.

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  • The gang described something about Van Kleiss. In this case:
    • Lucas Natt: Smarter than him, because Van Kleiss was smart.
    • Butch: Stronger, because his metal baseball bat bent in an attempt to attack Van Kleiss.
    • Vinnie: Old, because of Van Kleiss's appearance.
    • Austin Walker: Cold-hearted, because Van Kleiss reminded Austin of his abusive rich uncle.
    • Abigail Redstone: Powerful, because Van Kleiss defected Abigail's knives.
    • Mike Francis and Jake Hyde: Scary.
    • Ren Johnson: more violent and hostile than Miranda Hollows.
  • Rex and co. sometimes call the gang "DDG".
  • Ren, Mike, Jake and Lucas are the only human members of Deadly Dragon Gang to still have their families, as Abigail lost her father in a car accident and became estranged from her mother, and Austin lost his parents to assassins and became estranged from his uncle, all due to their mistreatment on them.

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