These are the fan-made episodes of Generator Rex

Episode_Number Title_for_the_Episode Air_Date Summary
37 Grounded October 14, 2011 While all of Providence have left HQ for training exercises, Rex is grounded following an incident near where Dr. Rylander's lab used to be and is forced to clean the Providence storage warehouse. Noah convinces him to have a party, but can only deliver four hoodlums for guests. Rex initially has difficulty entertaining the four, who refer to him as an E.V.O. freak, until he takes them to the shooting range where they have fun shooting targets with Providence firearms. When Nightshadow, the Jungle Cat E.V.O. that was petrified by Van Kleiss in Dark Passage, reanimates and quickly takes down the remaining Providence forces, Rex locks-down HQ to stop Nightshadow from escaping. Rex, Noah, and the hoodlums discover that Nightshadow repetrifies whenever the E.V.O. gets distracted. During an intense fight, it is discovered that Nightshadow wants to escape in order to take revenge on Van Kleiss, so Rex manages to convince him to join Providence.
38 Six Minus Six October 21, 2011 Rex is laying in the bed asleep. The alarm system comes on and Rex shuts it off. He goes back to sleep. While that happens, White Knight gets suspicious. The rest of Providence is wondering wher he is. Once Rex wakes up,he notices the time and gets there quick.They get the morning bref started.Later, while eating breakfast, Caesar tells Rex he knows a way to get rex's memeries back. Rex gets a little excited. But he needs Six. That made him think really curious. Caesar says,"I need someone to make sure it works ." Rex is then confirmed.
39 Lions and Lambs November 4, 2011 Breach has her portal-creating abilities greatly strengthened and magnified by Van Kleiss, to the point where she can now create bright golden-colored swirling portals through time itself. To stop this dangerous threat, Rex must try and convince Breach to come over to the good side willingly.
40 Back in Black November 11, 2011
41 Biowulf's Hunt November 18, 2011 Biowulf gets a strange feelings and start acting like an actuall Wolf, Van Kleiss makes an Alliance with Rex to find the cause, for it's not just Biowulf but a hord of Wolves!
42 Father's Day November 25, 2011 Rex is sad not knowing his faather, then suddenly his memories of his Father was restored, and he sees that he must find his father's notes that would help, Rex restore humanity from E.V.O. plaague, but so is Van Kleiss!
43 Truth and Deciet December 2, 2011 Rex is fed up with Cesar's excuses about the past like in reality it was Caser who whiped Z.A.G.A.R.S's memory and pretended to be him in the past with Quarry! it is revealed it was Caser who was the one who caused their parent's death and not Van Kleiss!
44 Dark Hour December 9, 2011 A Parody of Warlock: Armageddon! showing Dr. Holiday experiencing Belly Expansion when Nanite infect her!
45 Prince Rex December 16, 2011 Rex gets........a wife?!
46 Rex vs. E.V.Orochi December 23, 2011 Van Kleiss was pushed into a pool of E.V.O's and was mutated into a giant Orochi like E.V.O., Biowulf and the Pack make an alliance to help Rex stop the new and improved Van Kleiss!
47 Black Vs. White December 30, 2011 White Knight is trying reclaim Providence, and it was revealed Black Knight planned on Rex's time travel to give her some time to take control of Provedence!
48 Lagoon Nightmare! January 6, 2012 Rex and Dr. Holiday spend sometime in a lovely Lagoon, all in their swimwear on vacation not realizing that an E.V.O Eel is watching them will they realize this phantom foe?
49 Before and After January 13, 2012 Rex remembers Nanite Alpha was a about to corrupt Rex and his parents interfered, which caused them to have that particular fate, and everything Ceaser told them was a lie!
50 Jaunary 20, 2012
51 January 27, 2012
52 February 3, 2012
53 February 10, 2012
54 February 17, 2012
55 February 24, 2012
56 March 2, 2012
57 March 9, 2012
58 March 16, 2012
59 March 23, 2012
60 March 30, 2012
61 March 30, 2012