"Generator Rex: Ganglands"
Generator Rex- Ganglands
Genres Action
Crime fiction
Science fiction
Creator(s) JuniperAlien
Chapters 12
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Generator Rex: Ganglands is a mini-series of Generator Rex. It takes place prior the six month gap that had occurred in the original series. The series will consist of only twelve chapters and one special chapter.

Overview Edit

Still being the protagonist, Rex, must face a new battle in a new part of the city. Along with his partners Six, Kenwyn, Hunter, and his newly made friends; Tory and Marcella, they must help fight a growing gang of EVOs who want to take use their powers to take over the city, and the only way to do that it to take down their crime-lord leader, Clinton.

Characters Edit

Chapters Edit

  1. "The Beginning to an End"
  2. "A Better Duty"
  3. "Relocation"
  4. "Scary Famous"
  5. "Inside Scoop"
  6. "Upfront Experience"
  7. "Class is in Session"
  8. "Dog Fights"
  9. "The Great Escape"
  10. "Enough is Enough"
  11. "Thicker than Water"
  12. "The Usual"
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