"Generator Rex: Limbo"
Genres Action
Science fiction
Creator(s) JuniperAlien
Chapters TBA
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Generator Rex: Limbo is a mini-series of Generator Rex created by JuniperAlien. It takes place several months after the events of Ganglands and Generator Rex: Ultimatum.

Overview Edit

When Rex has an unforeseen overload, Tory, Hunter, and Holiday are tasked to offload them. Limbo, a base built to replace Paradise after it's horrific fall, sits on the greatest, most ancient ice cap in the Arctic. With the haunting stories of Paradise being in the past, Providence hoped that nothing of the sort would ever happen again. However, something also seems to be a bit off in Limbo. Something beyond their knowledge.

Characters Edit

Main Edit

  • Rex Salazar
  • Dr. Holiday
  • Tory Hanges
  • Hunter Stone
  • Marcella Hanges
  • More TBA

Chapters Edit

  1. "Ailment"
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