This is a list of episodes for the Generator Rex: Power Struggle in order. (there will be others I just haven't named them yet) The series is set 1 year after the original and things have somewhat returned to the status quo. But new forces and old are beginning to move an the future of mankind once again shall fall on Rex's shoulders.

  • Prologue New Guy
  • Episode 1 Alliance of Darkness
  • Episode 2 Double Threat (in progress)
  • Episode 3  Providence Under Siege
  • Episode 4 Zombie Town
  • Episode 5 Out of Control
  • Episode 6 Part 1 The Preacher
  • Episode 7 Part 2 Gospel Truth
  • Episode 8 Zombie's Providence
  • Episode 9 Part 1 Power Surge
  • Episode 10  Part 2 Short Circuit