Generator Rex:Season 2 Episode 25: Breach Comeback== Rex: huh? Doesn't that look like Breach's new portal? Bobo: I think it is. Rex:Let's tell Doc. Dr.Holiday: Tell me what? Rex: Theres Breach's new portal. What's it doing here? Dr.Holiday: Its taking you back to your original time. Maybe she is giving you a chance to set Providence the way it was before Black Night took over. White Night: She might be right. Rex:How-wwwwww-woah! unn. Dr.Holiday: Rex your alive. Rex: How long have I been missing? Dr.Holiday: Only an hour. Breach is still here and Van Kleiss is gone. Rex: What about Black Night? White Night: How do you know her? Rex: I've been stuck in the future and if you don't stop her ,she will take over Providence. White Night: I never knew she would do this. Lets find her and stop it from happening. * Rex: Black Night. Black Night: How can you possibly know me. Rex: Future. I'm here to stop you from taking over Providence. Black Night: You'll have to stop these guys first. White Night: Holiday,Bobo,and Agent Six, you stop the ninjas and Rex and I will stop Black Night. Black Night: How are you going do that? Rex: By stopping you. Black Night: What are you doing? Rex: Calling the cops on you. Black Night: Wait, no! Rex: Too late. Just did. * White Night: We won't see her for a while. Rex: That's for sure.* Rex: Providence is once again as it was. Bobo is the same monkey,Holiday wears the same outfit she would if wearing a lab coat, Six wears his green blazer,white Knight is boss of Providence, Black Night is in jail, and Caesar is back to his usual self. Everything is back in it's place. Six; Lights out. Rex: awwn. *Narrator: This story is based on when Rex comes back to his original time. He then relaxes in Providence and wishes no better life and so on. Tell me what you thunk and subscribe.