When Rex Salazar realizes that White Knight of Providence is turning him into a monster to forget everything from his past, by assasinating President Obama, which Rex refuses to do. Now Rex quits Providence, and frees Bobo Haha from his imprisonment, when White Knight orders Providence to hunt Rex down, when Six and Holiday see in Rex, they refuse to kill him.

Air DateEdit

Augest 19, 2014


  • Rex Salazar (Carlos Pena, Jr.)
  • Agent Six (Matthew Fox)
  • Bobo Haha (George Lopez)
  • Dr. Rebecca Holiday (Megan Fox)
  • Noah Nixon (Ross Lynch)
  • Wendy Leigh (Debby Ryan)
  • Skwydd (Logan Miller)
  • Cricket (Kelsey Chow)
  • Tuck (Liam Aiken)
  • Rafael Salazar (Hank Azaria)
  • Violeta Salazar (Penelope Cruz)
  • Project N.A.N.I.T.E.S.:
    • Caesar Salzar (Alex Gonzalez)
    • Peter Meechum (Jonathan Hyde)
    • Gabriel Rylander (Lance Henrickson)
    • Evan Moses (Luke Evans)


  • White Knight (Tom Wilkinson)
  • Consortium:
    • Sir Anthony Haden-Scott (Cirian Hinds)
    • Xanubian (John Rys-Davies)
    • Vostok (Ian McShane)
    • Reddick (Nathan Fillion)
    • Roswell (Jonathan Adams)
  • Van Kleiss (Michael Sheen)
  • Black Knight (Claudia Black)
  • Branden Moses (Christopher McDonald)


  • Van Kleiss' E.V.O. form is simalar to Orochi only with a mechanical tail!
  • White Knight is revealed to be a coward!
  • Wendy and Rex have their first kiss!