Hunter Stone
Vital statistics
Name Hunter Stone
Species Human E.V.O
Aliases Dawn Lena Collins (given/birth name)
425[3-0-6729] (Lykotan ID Number)
Base of operations Providence Headquarters
Lykota Research Center "LRC"
Affiliation(s) Providence (currently)
Alpha Gang
Lykota (secondary)
The Pack (temporary)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Eye color Red
Abilities Elemental Manifestation
Plant/Animal Communication
Elemental Manipulation
Weapons Elements (Water, Ice, Metal, Fire, Earth)
Relatives Jason "Blaze" (brother)
Erica Collins (sister)
Bianca Collins (mother)
Bruno Collins (father) †
Allies Rex Salazar, Amber Flare, Marcella Hanges, Dr. Holiday, Agent Six, Tory Hanges, Bobo Haha, White Knight, Jade Adams, Chance Williams, Ryder Owens, Rocky, Skylark
Enemies Van Kleiss, Black Knight, Breach, Skalamander, Biowulf, Allyson Davis, Galvin, Clinton, Scales, Spyder, Lydia, Boulder
Further info
First appearance The Beginning
Portrayed by: Victoria Justice
See also Hunter's DA Gallery
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Hunter Stone, previously known as Dawn Collins, is a seventeen-year-old amnesiac teenage E.V.O. with the ability of creating and controlling elemental constructs at will. She is a transferred experimental test subject inducted into Providence as their agent, in hope of mastering her powers.



Hunter was born in Rochester, Minnesota as the second daughter, middle and third oldest child of Bianca and former nanite research scientist, Bruno Collins. As a young child, she was suffering from an illness which was proving to be fatal to her health. Coming close to death, Hunter was injected with a small batch of nanites, thus saving her life. Since then, Hunter underwent a few small changes as a side effect, such as talking to plants and creating fire from her hands.

Two years following the nanite event, Hunter got separated from her family and stumbled across a small group of teenage human E.V.O.s named Flare, Ryder, Chance, and Jade. Searching to find her family, Hunter befriended Flare and reluctantly joined the group. Eventually, she befriended the others, became the group leader (now called "the Alpha Gang") and was given a new name, "Hunter Stone". A month after joining the gang, Hunter encountered a ruthless E.V.O. crimelord named Galvin. Unknown to her new friends, Galvin had given her a chance of gaining freedom if he handed her team over to him. Pleased with her new life, Hunter turned down his proposition, which infuriated Galvin. For the past weeks, she’s been receiving threats from Galvin. Worried by her actions and for the safety of the Alpha Gang, Hunter "mysteriously" left without notice.

Several months after her “disappearance” from the Alpha Gang, Hunter unintentionally crossed paths with Breach, Biowulf and Skalamander. She was taken to Abysus by force, where she met Van Kleiss. For a short time, Hunter became a member of the Pack. During her brief stay, she grew suspicious and fearful of Van Kleiss and his motives. When she was offered by him to help “enhance” her powers, Hunter timidly refused. She then got brutally attacked and was being drained of her nanites as “punishment” for her “foolish” decision. Hunter luckily managed to break free before becoming completely petrified. She was able to safely escape from Abysus, with the result of losing her memories.

Days later, Hunter was found nearly dying from dehydration by a few Lykotan scientists. She was safely taken into their remote and hidden refuge organization known as Lykota. Surprised of her control over her nanites, Hunter became an E.V.O. test subject under the head scientists Vincent and Lawrence in the Lykotan Research Central. She was partnered up with Allyson Davis, another Lykotan E.V.O. labrat assigned under Vincent and Lawrence. Three years later, after the abandonment of her partner Allyson; Hunter was transferred over to Providence and became inducted as a Providence agent.

During the six months of Rex's disappearance, Hunter temporarly left Providence, reunited with the Alpha Gang and fled to hide in Lykota, where she once again confined herself within the boundaries of Lykota as their test subject again. She felt ever too afraid of leaving Lykota and being hunted down. Hunter eventually returned back to Providence, a couple months after hearing about Rex's reappearance.

Dawn of LifeEdit

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Generator Rex: GanglandsEdit

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Hunter is emotional, depressed, and insecure. She has a habit of always second guessing her own opinion. She tends to doubt and criticize herself on everything she does and or have caused. Whether or not her actions were accidental, Hunter always takes full responsibility of them and puts the blame on herself. Her self-depressing impressions often clouds her judgment from all the food things in life. She tends to over think way too much about the negatives rather than the positives. Hunter is very shy and hesitant to express her own thoughts and feelings.

Drained of your sanity partly colored

Hunter has a very kind, sweet and caring personality regardless. She often has the tendency to hide her true emotions by acting cold and distant towards anyone. She feels too caught up with her fragile state of mind that she hardly ever takes notice of her nice gentle side. Her unstable emotions tend to make her a gullible target to be easily manipulated with, though strong negative emotions.

Hunter isn't afraid of standing up for her friends, family, and innocent others. She is willing to save the lives of her loved ones, even if it means risking her own. When necessary, Hunter can sometimes act brave on her own and be quick to react in certain situations.

Hunter is far too overly concerned about other people's opinions rather than listening to her own. She always believes that whatever others say about her, good or bad, as true and takes their points of views first before hers. She thinks that being an EVO makes other people think of her as a freak or disgrace to society. She feels that she doesn't belong anywhere and is being looked down upon. Hunter finds herself much at ease when being around other EVOs like her. From experience of being a labrat, Hunter understand the feeling of what it's like being a prisoner held against their own will.


She has a severe case of claustrophobia. Being encased in small enclosed spaces for an extended periods of time will cause Hunter to panic, hyperventilate and go into a mental breakdown. While doing so, Hunter will slowly lose her sanity and control over her powers. Comforted with a personal possession or a significant other in said small space, or in other situations, will sometimes ease Hunter's anxiety. She has the tendency to frequently wake up feeling traumatized and or anxious from her nightmares or forgotten past memories.

Hunter displays having a keen interest in romance and relationships. She has a soft spot for good-hearted guys who aren't afraid to show their sensitive side. She despises boys flirting with her, strongly believing it as a sign of teasing and or mockery. Hunter has a slight issue in trusting other people. Due to her past traumatic experiences, Hunter tends to get shy and wary when meeting new people. She has eventually learned to trust others around her, but still sometimes feels precautions on whether or not they should earn her trust.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hunter version 1 and 2

Secondary outfit (left) and current outfit (right)

Hunter is a young average teenager of American descent mixed with distant Japanese, Irish and slight German heritage. She has slightly tanned peach-orange skin, long dark brown hair and bright scarlet eyes. Her height is approximately two inches shorter than Rex Salazar. 

Her casual outfit consists of a dark blue t-shirt over a dark purple tank-top, a short dark gray skirt, light brown fingerless gloves, black thigh high stockings and black shoes. The right sleeve of Hunter's t-shirt hangs over her right shoulder and her right glove is slightly longer than her left one. She also wears a pair of dark gray mini shorts hidden underneath her skirt. In combat, Hunter often sports on a long yellow bandana headband tied around her forehead.

Hunter's secondary occasional outfit is consisted more of an adventurous look. She wears a dark blue tank-top with dark purple shoulder straps, dark gray skirt with a pair of visible shorts underneath, light brown fingerless gloves (with a orange "v"-shaped strap around the wrist) over long dark brown sleeves, an auburn belt and black thigh-high boots. Her yellow bandana is slightly shorter and has a dark brown "x"-shaped strap on her right leg.

For her sleeping attire, Hunter typically sports on her dark purple tank-top and a pair of dark gray shorts.

According to most teenage boys (mostly non-E.V.O.s), she is considered beautiful and attractive. Hunter, however, is completely unaware of her own beauty and thinks otherwise.

Powers and Abilities Edit

E.V.O. AbilitiesEdit

Current version hunter
  • Healing: Hunter is able to heal certain injuries on both humans and E.V.O.s alike. She can use her nanites to communicate with other nanites to repair the physical damage done to the host. Using too much of her healing abilities all at once will cause Hunter pain and also drain her energy. Hunter's healing ability will not work when using it on herself.
  • Plant and Animal Communication: Hunter has the capability of communicating with plant and animal life (including plant and animals E.V.O.s). This enables her to understand their feelings and thoughts. Currently, Hunter has completely mastered the ability of communicating to plants. She is still having severe difficulty communicating to animals. In order to perform this ability, Hunter must be in direct physical contact with them.
  • Cryokinesis: Considered as one of her commonly used ability, Hunter has the ability to freeze almost anything through direct contact within a 12 to 13 feet radius max. She can shape and compress the size of the ice and frost at will. Hunter is also able to use this ability to encase and preserve any organic or inorganic materials.
    • Cryokinetic Combat: Hunter is capable to utilize her cryokinesis and harness it for physical combat. She does this by “freezing” her arms and/or legs to create ice-like claws/feet.
  • Pyrokinesis: Her second most commonly used ability. Much like her cryokinesis, Hunter is able to create and generate fire from her hands and her feet. Hunter can use this ability to heat, melt or explode almost any substance through direct contact.
  • Elemental Manifestation: Hunter can use her nanites to convert her body into any known natural element at will, however she is limited to only earth, metal, fire, water, and ice. Her elemental powers are strongly tied to her fears and emotions; they react easily depending on the mental stability of her feelings. Overtime, she has managed to sustain some of her emotions from triggering her powers. This ability will shut off if her emotions overwhelm her to an extent; during then, it will randomly limit her with a small amount of her powers.
  • Elemental Manipulation: She is able of controlling any natural elements nearby. Hunter has extreme difficulty mastering this ability and thus rarely uses it. Eventually, Hunter has been able to manipulate nothing else but water and earth.

Other AbilitiesEdit

  • Life Stability: Unknown to Hunter, she possesses a unique nanite called the Iota that can sustain her life. It has the ability to give her a regular amount of life support of an average human lifespan. Due to the Iota being downgraded and incomplete, Hunter cannot live without it. If the Iota was ever so removed from her body (or destroyed), Hunter will most likely die (might also fall into a deep state of coma without any chance of reviving).
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Hunter does display some small amount of hand-to-hand combat. This ability has improved, however, she is more likely to use her elemental powers rather than without.
  • Enhanced Durability: According to a Lykotan scientist, Hunter is considered to have the ability to withstand a certain capacity of physical damages, however, it is uncertain if she truly possess it. It is possible that she might through the use of her elemental manifestation.
  • Enhanced Strength: Hunter possesses enhanced strength, though only when she is using her elemental manifestation ability.


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  • Hunter does not like to be called by her previous name from anyone she is not related to.
  • Hunter has an emotional connection with her yellow bandana;
    • She often sleeps with it (wrapped around and/or held in her hand).
    • Hunter always brings it with her wherever she goes.
    • Helps keep her calm and focused during battle (or when feeling anxious).
  • Hunter will become a mindless hostile E.V.O. if her nanites are tampered with (an act of her Iota's self-defense).
  • Hunter's Iota nanite is downgraded and powers relatively small compared to the Alpha, Omega and the Meta Nanites.
  • Hunter's pyrokinesis and cryokinesis are the only two elemental powers that she is able to use simultaneously.
  • She has slight acrophobia and arachnophobia.
  • Her Iota prevents her from falling ill to her childhood illness, however, it will not give her immunity to colds, illness, injuries or any other deaths.