Ios SurivEdit

Ios Suriv is shrouded in mystery. His age is unknown and almost little to nothing is known about him. He looks like a teenager but is actually older than most people would believe. He answers to people in a very quick and witty sarcastic way. ' When he is serious in his answers he speaks in riddles of metaphors and idioms. 'Most of the time he seems quite dazed and oblivious to what's going on around him but is acutally quite insightful. He is able to control the nanites in his body and is quite a powerful E.V.O. He disappears and reappears every now and then without ever leaving a trace of ever doing so.

E.V.O. AbilitiesEdit

  • Technopath: Ios can communicate and control technology. Anything

that does try stop from being controlled can simply be overwritten by Ios infecting the machine with his own nanites.

  • E.V.O. power absorption: Ios has a very unique ability to absorb the powers of E.V.O.s and shape it as his own. The powers he absorbs are permanent and usually take on a different shape compared to the original's. The side effect of this is that the original owner of the powers will permanently loose them.
  • E.V.O. power mimicry: If Ios just touches an E.V.O. he can copy their powers to an extent.
  • E.V.O. curing: This is another side effect of the power absorption. Ios can cure other E.V.O.s.