Kaden the Hunter
Vital statistics
Name Kaden
Species Human
Aliases Kaden the Hunter
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Gray
Eye color Silver
Abilities  ·Expert hunter
 ·Superhuman senses, strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, reflexes, and longevity
 ·hand-to-hand combatant
Weapons Katana
Tranquilizer gun
Enemies Team Rex, Bobo Haha, Deadly Dragon Gang, Alex
Further info
First appearance "The Hunting"
Last appearance "The Hunting"
Portrayed by: John DiMaggio
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Kaden is a lethal hunter who hunts down both normal animals and animal E.V.O.s.

History Edit

Kaden is a big-game hunter who spent his life hunting animals to collect them. Later he begun to hunt animal E.V.O.s to add them to his collection of dead animals. When he found out about the skunk E.V.O. Alex, he begun to hunt him.

He found Alex talking with the agent of Providence and member of Team Rex, Kenji Yamabuki while walking in the woods. While the two are running away, Kaden shot Alex, using a tranquilizer gun, knocking him unconcious. He then grabbed Alex and dragged him away by his tail, while Kenji escaped.

Kaden is then seen in his big cabin, eating canned beef, while sitting on his armchair and watching Alex waking up. As the two talked, Kaden left to hunt a bear before he killed Alex.

As Kaden returned with the corpse of a bear, he was investigating his house, as he saw that his canned beef has been eaten by Ren Johnson and his chair has been used and overturned by him as well. He was also disgusted because Bobo Haha used the toilet of his bathroom and forgot to flush.[1]

Personality Edit

Kaden is a cold and ruthless hunter who hunts animals, even animal E.V.O.s, to put them to his collection. He is also sadistic and cruel, showing no sympathy towards his preys; killing them without mercy. He also seems to enjoy canned beef, as he was seen eating it while sitting on his armchair during a chat with Alex.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kaden is a middle aged man with tanned skin, silver eyes and long gray hair that covers the right part of his face. He wears a long black coat with silver pauldrons, black boots and black clothing.

References Edit

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