The made hands are created by the omega nanite


The mace hands are created by the omega nanite which means it's Light blue and dark blue.The mace hands look like the smack hands but instead of hands there giant dark blue maces,with long light blue spikes.These spikes are retractable to create wrecking balls that rotate at a high velocity.The mace hands are bigger then the smack hands and longer.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The mace hands provide super strength able to lift things that the smack hands cannot.The spikes on the mace hands can launch out and shoot energy out of them.These spikes can also retract to make giant wrecking balls,that spin at a high velocity.The mace hands are capable of creating ahockwaves by slamming the ground,they can also make earthquakes.The mace hands can stretch very long the limit has yet to be known.They can also grow,and drill underground like the smack hands.The spikes in the mace hands can penetrate almost anything.


The mace hands are really heavy and would sink to the bottom instantly if in the ocean.They are also hard to control but Rex eventually got a hang of them.

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