Nathaniel Kleiss
Vital statistics
Name Nathaniel Kleiss
  • Human E.V.O (basically)
  • Immortal E.V.O King (claimed)
Aliases Nathan Kleiss
Base of operations
  • Providence Headquarters
  • Pentagon Underground Facility (formerly, unwillingly)
  • Multiple Locations (formerly)
  • Providence
  • Rex's Gang (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Blood Red
Eye color Purple
  • Van Kleiss (father)
  • Olivia Kleiss (mother, status unknown; possibly deceased)
  • Celine Kleiss (sister)
Further info
First appearance Shattering the Pentagon
Images | Quotes
"Hello, lover."
―Nathan to Rex, upon being freed from the Pentagon.

Nathaniel Kleiss is the son of Van Kleiss and Olivia Kleiss in the Nanite Gods series and the E.V.O bearer of Meta-Nanite: King, Nathan was given the Meta-Nanite during the Abysus Nanite Project by the research team due to having a weak immune system and he was captured by the American Government about the same time Rex was picked up by Providence years after the Nanite event, Nathan was also responsible for the two times in which Rex lost his memories with both instances being as a means to protect Rex and himself from the Consortium people tracking him.

Other than in Flashbacks, Nathan first chronologically appears in Shattering the Pentagon, the episode where he is freed by Van Kleiss and Rex Salazar during their Battle at the Pentagon.


Pre-Nanite God seriesEdit

Birth and ChildhoodEdit

Nathaniel Kleiss was born to Van Kleiss and Olivia Kleiss a year before Rex Salazar and was apparently born with a weak immune system,

Personality and traitsEdit

Six: "Be careful Rex, he doesn't look as strong as you."
Rex Salazar: "You're underestimating him, he's as wild as the sea, you'll learn that after awhile of spending time with him."
Six: "...I think I'll pass."
―Agent Six and Rex, talking about Nathan.

Nathan is brave, a natural leader, and is willing to risk his life to save friends, strangers, and sometimes enemies. He has a sarcastic and smart sense of humor, a laid back demeanor, and has earned in a short time the respect of all the major characters in the series, even Black Knight (who strictly dislikes most men), White Knight (who hates most E.V.Os), and Six (who generally doesn't socialize with people). He also earned the trust, and respect of the Pack (who don't usually trust allies of Providence). Despite this, Nathan remains true, and usually never goes back on his word.

However, he is definitely not perfect. Nathan is somewhat short-tempered, and thus has trouble controlling his anger (when he sees bullying) and tends to do or blurt out things before thinking, no matter the consequences, causing him to get in a lot of trouble. Nathan can also be sarcastic and moody, and he dislikes being restrained or forced to obey. After living on the streets, with and without Rex, Nathan has developed a "wolf stare" that says "No matter how bad you think you are, I'm worse".

Nathan's fatal flaw is revealed to be excessive personal loyalty, to his loved one and those who are rated highest in his heart, at one point he was told that "to save a loved one, he would sacrifice the world".

Physical AppearanceEdit


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