Vital statistics
Name Kreet
Aliases Beakboy (by Laughout)

Kitten (by Nameless, Bobo uses it sometime)
Scales (by Nameless)

Affiliation(s) Providence (formerly)
Solo (currently)
Physical description
Gender Male
Abilities to turn various animals
Relatives Unknown brother

Unknown sister
Rex (friend)
Bobo (friend)
Nina (guardian)

Further info
First appearance Into The Portal
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Kreet is a humanoid E.V.O slightly older than Rex. His whole family are E.V.Os, he was part of the PRS (Providence Recon Squad), though fled from them after Black Knight took over.



Kreet was a shy and smart boy born in Crete, Greek, he was always bullied in school until the nanite event, the nanites made a few alterations to his personality. He joined providence for more action, his personally changed while going solo, into a more serious manner, he went to Hong Kong in search of Rex's friends.


Kreet is an outgoing, serious and brave E.V.O. Ironically, being very shy before he turned into an E.V.O. He is quick, and never follows orders unless he aggrees with them. Each of the animals he can turn into changes his personality.


Kreet has dirty blond hair, he always wears headphones round his neck (sometimes listening to music on it) even when he's in his animal form and on missions, he is always seen wearing a white hoodie with a pair of red pants.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Praying Mantis FormEdit

This form has the appearance of an oversized praying mantis with giant claws.

Bird FormEdit

He can turn into a giant bird but is for traveling use only.

Bat FormEdit

His bat form is blind except at night, it has a deathly bite.

Jellyfish FormEdit

His jellyfish form kept him young and alive for years after he fled from Providence (after the child Rex appeared).