Revolution Rex is the new series in M.Rex franchise. First Season Consist of 10 Chapter. It have a new storyline. It have many new characters. This story may have a darker tone than other series.



Mini SeriesEdit

It's been a year since Rex was cured and is now a normal 18 years old boy. He now wants to be out of the EVO problems but is he going to change his mind meeting Sam, an EVO kid, who wants Rex's help to train him and his friends to be a hero in public's eyes?

Season 1Edit

After the failiure of proving themselves the True Hero, Sam and Silver had dicided to leave the city.Can Rex bring their confidence back? Can he solve the mystery of EVO Symbols?


Main CharactersEdit

  • Rex Salazar- Rex is now 18 years old and leave the Providence. He is an EVO who have the power to transform his body into various machines. He is very well in engineering and invented a power bracelet to help Sam and his Friends to control their EVO Monster Form.
  • Sam- Sam is a 13 years old boy. He is Rex's new friend. He is a EVO with the power to metalise his hand and shoot power balls. He like Rex in M.Rex comic wear glasses. He also use his hands to fly by shooting power balls on himself. He was the leader of EVO kids before Rex.
  • Silver- Silver is a 12 years old boy. He as an EVO having the power to grow spikes and run in super human speed. He is kind but also very short-tempered. He considers Rex as his idol.

Villians Edit

Artificial EVOs : group of EVOs that were created by Caesar Salazar to find the cure of EVO Kids without harming any living creature, but it turns out to be total disaster when they develop artificial intelligence and strength. They comprise of 5 members

  • Tool: leader of Artificial EVO. He himself decided to be called Tool, since he till that time nad not developed much intelligence but now the smartest and most dangerous member having all Rex power's.
  • Blade.K
  • Blade.F
  • Connecto
  • WatchClock


List Of Revolution Rex Episode


  • It is shown that the EVO kids have a symbol in their shoulder.