These are Rex's new builds for Generator Rex: Power Struggle)

Rex's New BuildsEdit

  • Chud Gun-The Chud Gun is a machine gun that fires discs out of the top barrels and canisters out of the bottem. When the pogo-stick-like detonator on his back presses down (Rex controls this with his mind) all the discs and canisters blow up. The discs clamp onto things and can double as a tracer, and cans as mines.
  • Boom Box- The Boom Box gives Rex the ability to make powerful sound blasts, nullify other sounds, and amplify sounds for himself or for others. It is body armor, small robot hands (like the Block Party) with amplifiers on the back of them, and earphones.
  • Fling Thing- The Fling Thing is a build from both hands. It is a giant robot arm with three fingers holding an enormouse metal ball. He can throgh the ball and the guide it's path with magnetics. He can also super-charge the ball with electricity. 
  • Vibro-Chunks- Giant hammers that can vibrate back and forth so fast it gives them huge amounts force.
  • Scuba-sub- like a giant DVP with torpedo launchers.