Team Rex
Team Rex
Leader(s) Rex Salazar
Notable members Yumi Sakurakouji
Kenji Yamabuki
Bobo Haha
Akira Kazami
Ren Johnson
Edwin Bluestein
Headquarters Providence Headquarters (Rex, Yumi & Kenji only)
Deadly Dragon Gang Lair (Ren only)
Location New York (Rex, Yumi, Kenji, Ren & Edwin only)
Tokyo, Japan (Akira only)
Purpose  ·To fight E.V.O.s
 ·Stop Van Kleiss and The Pack
 ·Stop the new Providence
First appearance The Day That Everything Changed

Team Rex is the team that Rex creates after Kenji Yamabuki joined Providence.

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Trivia Edit

  • All members, except Ren and Edwin, have brown eyes.
  • All members have distinct hair colors, four members (Rex, Yumi, Kenji and Ren) have black hair, while two members (Akira and Edwin) have brown hair, though the former's hair is darker than the latter.
  • All members have different cell phones types:
    • Rex: a dark gray flat bar cell phone.
    • Yumi: a pink bar cell phone with silver trimmings.
    • Kenji: a dark gray flip cell phone with a blue lid.
    • Akira: a cyan japanese-style, flip cell phone.
    • Ren: a black square touch screen cell phone.
    • Edwin: a blue keyboard cell phone.
  • Occasionaly when the team is shown, Akira,[9][10][11][12] Ren[9][11] or Edwin[9][10][11][12] are absent.
  • Rex is the only humanoid member not to have loose bangs covering his forehead or framing his face, while Yumi, Kenji, Akira, Ren and Edwin do have bangs that cover their forehead or frame their face, although Kenji has a fringe, but he does not have bangs that frame his face.

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