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The story begins in New York City with Peter Parker better known as Spider-Man swaying over it and begins to speak: "I have long since defeated the goblin, but the city is still not sure if the universe will bring me this time." "As if it were a point The sense of the spider in that spider man complained:" Me and my big mouth. "

Meanwhile in an abandoned warehouse ... Edit

Eddie Brock or better known as Venom was using strange technology to build a kind of portal since he found a universe that has enough technology to take revenge on that wall-climbing once and for all. In that a voice from the corner says: "Simby how was it" in that Venom smiled with a hoarse and diabolical voice: "you do not know what you are about to see this universe or the other will livera my power." Spider-man looked confused and surprised saying: "Parallel universes I don't think it's a good idea even if it works you should use it for inter-dimensional passengers" in that Venom furious shout: "Your jokes end now!" in that Venom tries to light the portal while spider-man tries to stop him but all his attempts are unsuccessful in that Venom throws a spider web at the spider man and hits him stunning him in that Venom begins to contemplate the portal begins to get bigger and bigger spider-man had a terrified face and shouts: "Venom stop this I could destroy half of New York" in that we see Venom trying to enter the portal but spider-man throws a spider web and stops him getting on his sword in it spider-man begins to destroy the portal in Venom begins to shout: "you are NOT overheating" alo that spider-man says: "That is the idea" in that both enter the portal destroying it.

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Rex's universe Edit

The story begins in a New York City Brooklyn when a portal opens people start running and the portal starts shooting purple rays.

Meanwhile at Providence headquarters ...

Rex had just trained on that one alarm starts to kick in. Dr. Rebecca Holiday says, "Rex come see this" on it.  the purple portal is seen causing damage although he was no longer impressed after meeting Ben Tennyson of the same from when he remembered the moment he wondered if Ben returned to his universe but what no one knew was what was going to leave the portal. Out of the portal comes a large black monster with a large spider emblem on his chest. Rex asked: "It is not a Nanites' work" Dr. Rebecca Holiday says: "We do not know but we must stop this before it causes more damage ". Venom flees into an alley after roaring when he sees the purple portal shoot him with lightning, a boy dressed in a red and blue suit and with a small arna emblem on his chest swaying. At that moment, the purple portal closes in an explosion. At that time, somewhere in the Provinece headquarters, Rex and his colleagues turned the cameras around as the portal self-destructs in the sense that Dr. Rebecca Holiday makes a video call and says, "Cesar, I need you to investigate this."

Meanwhile ...

Spider-man was unconscious but he knew that Venom had escaped in that he realized that he was in Brooklyn but everything was different- "if Venom's plan worked I must be in another New York, I must look for answers"-spidey says to himself.

Act 2 Edit

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