The Spectacular Spider-man vs Generator Rex Edit

The Spectacular Spider-man vs Generator Rex is an animated movie and a crossover between the spectacular spider-man and Generator Rex. The movie is directed by Man of Action and Marvel animations.

Synopsis Edit

When Venom opens a portal to the world of Generator Rex Spider-man tries to stop him but accidentally falls into the portal when he arrives at that new spider-man universe he will try to return home since somehow the portal that attracted him closed. After an encounter with Rex and after a fight at the end they will have to put aside their differences when Venom begins to unite with some evil Evos.

Trasncript Edit

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Cast Edit

Josh Keaton - Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Benjamin Diskin - Eddie Brock/Venom

Daryl Sabara - Rex Salazar

Wally Kurth - Agent Six

Grey DeLisle - Dr. Holiday

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