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  • Bio Loves playing VN Games, reading CoGs, and makes so many OCs!
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Mirai | 26+ | She/Her | Oct 2nd | Libra | INTP

Hello there everyone, the name is BldySrw88... but otherwise goes by NiponMirai (Mirai for short). I am one of the Knights & Providence Captain moderators (somewhat I think) on this fandom wikia. I spend pretty much a lot of my time on Discord, especially since I am helping out as a server moderator for an official Visual Novel game.

As of now on, a lot of my Generator Rex OCs (especially Hunter and Ryder) will be used as Visual Novel MCs more often but will still remain here and get updated whenever possible. Feel free to comment or ask me about anything in general (or anything Discord server related), on here or anywhere I am available... namely on Tumblr or Discord.

Tumblr: NiponMirai02  || Twitter: Hafu Weeaboo

Discord: NiponMirai#3444

My Gen Rex OC CharactersEdit

  • Allyson Davis - An animal mimicry E.V.O.; Hunter's rival and former Lykotan partner
  • Blaze - An incurable human E.V.O.; Hunter's older brother
  • Skylark - An E.V.O. with dermal armor generation ability; Galvin's son and Alpha Gang infiltration expert
  • Galvin - A ruthless E.V.O. crimelord with blood manipulation ability; Skylark's father; Alpha Gang's main rival

My Gen Rex Fanfict StoriesEdit

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Awesome Fanart of my Gen Rex OCsEdit

For more fanart drawings view Awesome OC Fanart DA Gallery

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