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White Knight

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White Knight, also known simply as White, is the leader of Providence, an organization dedicated to eliminating the threat of E.V.O.s. The only known nanite-free person on the planet, he almost always stays in his white sterile office, communicating his orders only through two-way television screens. He doesn't want to touch or even be near E.V.O.s because he fears they'll infect him with nanites.


(Credits to Generator Rex wiki) At least 6 years, (most likely more) prior to the episode Six Minus Six White and Six were working together as mercenaries. Most likely at Six's suggestion the duo went to work for Providence. Several years later White and Six were called in to halt the rampage of a giant Bio-Mechanical E.V.O. much to White's shock Six had rescued a young Rex in the area where the E.V.O. had rampaged, and would later discover that they were one in the same. The additional discovery that Rex had the ability to cure other E.V.O.s prompted White to kidnap Rex and bring him to the head of R&D Dr. Fell to have him reverse engineer Rex's powers. Six and White got into a fight over the life of Rex which had accidentally overloaded the molecular disassembling chamber that was being used to study Rex, White rescued Six and brought him to safety but he was caught in the destruction of the machine.

Rex deactivated the machine before it killed him and the accident stripped him of his nanites. White Knight was then promoted to leader of Providence. His nanite-free condition made him "the perfect poster boy for [the] operation," as he put it, but as a consequence he was trapped in a sterile nanite free environment for the rest of his life to prevent reinfection with nanites. However despite saving his life White would never forget the monster that Rex was when he was found and began construction of a weaponized hazmat suit to kill him if he ever turned back.


White Knight did not change much. Only that he grew older (growing white hair on the side of his head).

The only thing that changed was his hair. He grew white hair on the side of his head.


  • He is fond of milk and cookies.
  • The only thing that changed was the side of his air.